The Aneso region is a large area of the Pokemon world created after Arceus was awakened from its slumber around the time Machine and company were traveling through Kanto. It is in the center of the world and, as such, this region consists of Pokemon from the previous regions of Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, and Unova. However, this region introduces 100 more new, interesting Pokemon of its own that can only be found in Aneso.

Cities, Towns, and other locationsEdit

City/Town Name Description
Somara Town This is the first town that Machine and friends visit. This town, for most new Trainers in Aneso, would be the place to get their first Pokemon and start off on their Pokemon journey.
Reiten City This is the second city that the heroes venture to in the Aneso region.
Jinketsu Town This is the third city that heroes come upon in their quest through the Aneso region. The first Gym is located in this town.
Hiteiteki City This is the fourth city that the heroes venture to in their quest of the Aneso region. Kris and Rai first encounter the heroes here to alert them of their presence.
Garandou Town This is the fifth city that the heroes venture to while in their quest of the Aneso region. The second Gym is located here as well as a train track that connects an underwater bullet train to the other five regions. The underwater bullet train, however, was built shortly after Machine and friends arrived in Aneso.
Reiketsukan Forest This the first forest encountered by the heroes in the Aneso region. The forest connects Garandou Town to Jitsuryoku Road.
Jitsuryoku Road This is known as the town that was corrupted by Gekijou, a legendary Pokemon that may have been created to balance the Aneso out. Despite being just straight road into the next city, there are several houses, a Pokemon Center, a PokeMart, and on the far edge of the road, the third Gym is seen to be located there.
Souseiki City Souseiki City is a city covered in darkness constantly as it is covered by a large metal dome that blocks out the sun from getting in. This town, although part of Aneso, believes in a special religion which is worshipped in the Souseiki Tower. The religion focuses on every member of Souseiki City having the only powerful Trainers and heroes come from it, and does believe that anything outside of their town should infect unless they wished to be converted over to their religion. The god that they worship to give them strength each day is Joutei, the Genesis god. The fourth Gym is also located here.
Kyoutendouchi Metropolis

Kyoutendouchi Metropolis has been given its name for many odd reasons but it's simply given this name because this city is modeled to be a much more technological version of Castelia City. This city has the most up to date items, Pokeball's, buildings, and any type of technology one could think of. The city also several stores, each with their own distinctive merchandise to sell someone.

The first Zero type of Pokemon encounters Machine and the others. This city is also surrounded by water and only accessible through a secret area located in the Reiketsukan Forest that leads out to the ocean. Despite all their technological advances, there is no Gym located here and is simply used a tourist attraction similar to that of Poketopia. Machine and friends come here to stop Team Okaeshi from destroying the town and capturing the Zero type.

Fugenfugo City The fifth Gym is located here.
Ashinami Village This village, compared to many other towns here, is very small and located on the far west of the Aneso Region. Despite the town being very small, many tourists have come to visit this town for its simplicity and calm presence.
Izou Town The sixth Gym is located here.
Shimekiri City The seventh Gym is located here.
Bikutorii Bridge The eighth Gym is located here.
Victory Road After all the badges are obtained, Pokemon Trainers can travel here to test their will, strength, and metal and see if they are good enough to challenge the Conference, Elite Four, or the Pokemon Champion. This cave is full of powerful Trainers and Pokemon that are waiting for other powerful Pokemon Trainers to come and challenge them.
The Reflections End This is last place visited in Aneso and is also home of the Pokemon League. The Elite Four and Pokemon Champion all live here and supervise the Reflection of Promise Conference held here. The winner of the Conference is allowed to challenge the Elite Four and Pokemon Champion a few days afterward.

Aneso DexEdit

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