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Crystal is a supporting rival character that is best friends with Gold. She was appointed as third Pokedex Holder of Johto shortly after Machine and the others obtained the Plain Badge. Professor Pine made her the next Pokedex Holder after seeing how much she excelled in Pokemon battling and capturing, especially, and sent her off to meet up with the other Holders that were currently in Johto.


As a child, due to her breaking her arms from a bad accident, Crystal began using her feet to catch Pokemon as a substitute for it. She trained at Mt. Mortar to do so and according to Toukai, most of Crystal's party was caught her. This was mainly because of the fact that Arcy, the first she met at Mt. Mortar, was injured by a Larvitar. She tried to help it out, however, Archy became annoyed by her and pushed her away. Unable to truly help herself, a Parasect walks up to her and helps heal Arcy. The other Pokemon that she catches shortly afterward do the same and heal Arcy back to full health. Shortly afterward, the Larvitar that hurt Archy appears. By using her new friends, she is able to defeat Larvitar and win their trust. She catches them all and keeps them with her since that point on.



Archy, Crystal's Arcanine.

This is Crystal's Arcanine, better known as Archy. Archy was the first Pokemon shown in Crystal's party just as it was about to attack Machine's Croconaw. She soon called it back afterward, realizing that she had almost attacked her seniors of the Pokedex Holders. As with Crystal's other Pokemon, Archy wears a star pendant around its neck.

Parasee, Crystal's Parasect.

This is Crystal's Parasect and has been with her since she met her on Mt. Mortar. She normally uses Parasee mainly for inducing status effects to stop wild Pokemon from running or attacking. Instead of having a star pendant around its neck, Parasee has a star shaped marking on her mushroom.

Natee, Crystal's Natu.

This is Crystal's Natu, Natee that has been with her since they met on Mt. Mortar. Crystal mainly uses Natee for aerial transportation despite her size. Along with the other Pokemon in Crystal's team, Natee has a star shaped sticker under her eye.

Monlee, Crystal's Hitmonlee.

This is Crystal's Hitmonlee, Monlee that has been with ever since she was a child during the time that she broke her arms and used her legs to kick the Poke Ball at Pokemon. Monlee is her main battler and as such, her highest level Pokemon. Monlee, along with the others in Crystal's team, has a star sticker on each of his gloves.

Bonee, Crystal's Cubone.

This is Crystal's Cubone, Bonee that she met as a child on Mt. Mortar. She uses Bonee as a secondary battler, however, only when she needs him to False Swipe to wittle away a wild Pokemon's HP. He has a natural star shaped crack in its helmet, fitting with the rest of Crystal's team.

Megaree; Crystal's Meganium

Megaree is Crystal's newest addition to her team. She met up with Megaree on her way into the Ecruteak City to meet up with the other Pokedex Holders and tested his strength by having her Hitmonchan throw a punch at him.

Although he flinched, he sustained his ground and impressed Crystal, making him her newest addition.

Apparently, while traveling to Professor Pine's laboratory, Megaree evolved into a Bayleef. With this transformation, Megaree was even stronger than before and learned a few new moves in the process.

Megaree finally evolved into its final form during Chapter 71: Lugia's Defeat.

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Chumee, Crystal's Smoochum.

This is Crystal's Smoochum and is not normally used for battle. It is only used to trap Pokemon that would run away from her with Mean Look and this is how she is able to catch more than half of the Pokemon in the Pokedex from Johto. Along with the rest of Crystal's Pokemon, Chumee wears a star pendant around its neck.