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Pokemon: Red Star focuses on a brand new story based off of the Pokemon Anime/Manga/Game series. Pokemon: Red Star stars Machine, Hakel Fury, Kusa Tenpi, and Yellow (occasionally) as they travel through their journey in the Pokemon Regions all over the Pokemon world.


This section lists each story and their Pokedex's. Currently, the series is planned to have six stories with, one spinoff oneshot story totaling seven stories in all. The series goes as follows:

  1. Pokemon: Red Star -----> Kanto Dex
  2. Pokemon: Gold Star ----> Johto Dex
  3. Pokemon: Ruby Star -----> Hoenn Dex
  4. Pokemon: Diamond Star ----> Sinnoh Dex
  5. Pokemon: Black Star ------> Unova Dex
  6. Pokemon: Final Star -----> Aneso Dex
  7. Pokemon: Rebirth Star -----> National Dex

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