Raion Susamajii


Raion Susamajii




Red Star Town




Agent, Triad of Elites Member

Member of...

Team Rocket


Elite Troop


Kris Darchart, Lt. Surge

First Appearance

Chapter 1 - Graduation Day

Raion Susamajii is a bully who tormented Machine and Hakel while they attended Red Star Academy. After hearing that he wasn't able to graduate from the school by the principal (his father) there, he ran away from him and has tried stealing Machine and Hakel's Pokemon. He was very unsuccesful on both accounts, after Machine and Hakel rejected or defeated him twice. Machine and Hakel hope that he will learn to treat people right and not beat the ones weaker than him, although, it doesn't seem like he will ever learn his lesson.


According to most recent chapters, Raion has an insecurity problem. He cannot stand losing to either Machine, Hakel, nor anyone else, believing that everyone who acts cold and treats him differently, specifically those who he can actually stand up to him, act "condescendingly" or think themselves as "higher than him". Although this is not the case, Rai's refuses to believe what knowledge Machine and Hakel have to teach him, calling it simply hateful words or arrogance. Because of this, he has joined Team Rocket to earn his way in the world and wants to crush those who looked down on him. He has recently became an Elite Officer of the organization and selected to be the second member in the Triad of Elites along with Kris Darchart and Lt. Surge.


Upon joining Team Rocket, he was awarded with his own Pokemon. They are as follows:

With Team Rocket and the Reddosuta ShikakuEdit



Dragonite is Raion's first Pokemon received from his induction into the criminal organization, Team Rocket. Dragonite is very large in size, extremely destructive, and extremely powerful as it was almost able to defeat Machine and his Pokemon in a recent chapter. However, after Machine's Pokemon evolved all at once, they were able to take on Dragonite at full strength and defeat it accordingly.