Sapphire Emerald
Sapphire Emerald


Sapphire Emerald

Japanese Name

オダマキエメラルド Sapphire Emerald


Hoenn: ?


Littleroot Town




Pokemon Trainer

First Appearance



Professor Birch (Father)

Ruby Emerald (Eldest Brother)

Crimson Emerald (Older Brother)

Sapphire Emerald is the younger sister of Machine and Ruby Emerald as well as being the youngest child of Professor Birch. Machine was known to have loved his sister more than anything or anyone in Hoenn and when he left to Kanto, Sapphire cried herself to sleep for a month straight every night.


At age 6... she hoped to have her own pokemon. Edit

At age 14...Edit

Recently while trying to find a way back to Machine so that they could see one another once again, Sapphire and her older brother, Ruby came across some interesting information about their real father. They found out that Norman, the newest leader of the Petalburg City Gym, may have dropped his last name to ensure certain people wouldn't find him. Shorlty after this, Ruby and Sapphire contacted Machine through a letter over the mail in hopes that he would receive it.

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