Toukai, a deceased member of the Reddosuta Shikaku.

Toukai was one of the revealed members of that belong to the Reddosuta Shikaku. He worked alongside his partner, Shuuryou and seemed to have mysterious powers in predicting people and used pure energy around someone to attack and destroy them.

After a devastating battle with the Pokedex Holders using his new Kuroaki obtained from the Aneso region, he was defeated by Hakel Fury and Hakel's Meganium. However, still able to fight, he had underestimated the willpower of Kuroaki. Kuroaki had broken free of his hold on it from the Dark Ball and ended up killing Toukai in the process.


Appearance: "A Pokemon resembling a dark-colored Jaguar appeared on the field. Its eyes were piercing red and the tips of its fur was colored white. Its fur stood on end and its tail was long and spiked at the end. It has razor sharp claws and fangs and stood on all fours. On end of each of its teeth, the tips were stained black and its tongue was colored white. Then, as it stepped onto the battlefield, spanned out backwards towards its tail, and each of them were curved inward. Kuroaki's wings were spotted white and each spot was shaped like a Poke Ball." - As explained in Chapter 50.

Toukai's Kuroaki

This was shown to be Toukai's only Pokemon, Kuroaki, which he had stated was a recent discovery by the Reddosuta Shikaku caught using the Dark Ball (in the Aneso region), a Poke Ball that corrupts the Pokemon caught and turns them evil. Although extremely powerful and under his control, this only lasted for a short while. After Hakel Fury had officially defeated him, he tried to command Kuroaki to attack them once more. However, not realizing this until it was too late, Kuroaki had released his grip he had wrapped around its abilities. It ended up killing Toukai and they both dissapated into the darkness of Kuroaki's death together. This also meant that by killing Toukai, Kuroaki had eliminated itself, somehow meaning it may have been connected to Toukai physically as well.